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Going on right now at Galena Ziebart buy our full Ziebart package for a discounted price. With this special offer you will receive the Diamond Gloss Paint Sealant, Rust Protection with Lifetime Warranty*, Quiet Ride Undercoating, Rain Repellent Windshield Protection, and the full Interior Cloth/Leather Protection.

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Diamond Gloss Paint Sealant

Diamond Gloss by Galena Ziebart is the toughest paint protection coating in the industry that will give your rude a stunning, glossy shine every day!

The road can lead us to a wide number of places, not all of which are great for your car's paint. From road debris to the wear and tear of everyday driving, any number of things can blemish on your cars perfect exterior. Diamond Gloss Paint Protection allows your to drive with confidence.
Unlike over the counter waxes and polishes, Diamond Gloss stands the test of time and provides you with a showroom like shine every morning. Resin-based and designed to work with your car's paint, not just on it, Diamond Gloss in the industry standard in paint protection. If you want to make your car look as good as the day you signed the papers, call Galena Ziebart at 815-777-4477 on what Diamond Gloss can do for you.

Lifetime Warranty against Rust*
Despite how far vehicles have come, one things remains the same: vehicles can still rust. Trust your vehicle to experts at Galena Ziebart. 
At Galena Ziebart: It's Still Us or Rust...

Ziebart has been in the rust protection business for more than 50 years, delivering a reliable, effective defense for vehicles against harmful elements on the road. The top choice for drives worldwide, Ziebart rust protection helps your car or truck stay protected and looking great year-round.
While our rust protection services have been around since the 1950's, our formula has evolved continuously through exhaustive research and development. Our exclusive rust protection cntinues to be effective no matter where you drive your vehicle, protecting metal from salt and moisture.
Our specially designed and patented tools help our certified technicians apply coating where your car or truck needs it the most, including all of the hidden areas other service providers miss. This means your vehicle is completely protection from rust, with a national limited full repair warranty to support it.
After having your car or truck treated with rust protection, you can bring your vehicle back to Galena Ziebart for annual renewal and reapplication service. This means your protection will be maintained with our latest most effective formula, ensuring your vehicle looks its best with each passing year. Protect your vehicle from salt, moisture and other hard elements. Call Galena Ziebart today at 815-777-4477 for more information on our rust protection services.

$219 for cars, vans, and most SUV's
$229 for 1/2 Ton Website
Please call for 3/4 Ton & 1 Ton Truck Prices & Full Size SUV's
Just because it's out of sight, doesn't mean it should be out of your mind. Protect your vehicle's most exposed areas with Ziebart Undercoating.
It's not wrong to want your vehicle looking as great as it did the first day you owned it. However, the roads pose a number of critical threats to your vehicle's well-being. Ziebart undercoating is designed to keep your vehicle's undercarriage safe and provide you peace of mind for years to come.
While many people look at a car or truck's paintjob for cleanliness, it is equally, if not more, important for the underbelly of a vehicle to be free from corrosion and damage. Undercoating helps prevent moisture and compounds from getting into exposed areas and undoing all of the hard work you may have done to keep your paint protected and looking spotless.
Ziebart undercoating service is designed to not only keep your car or truck protected, but also make you feel confident your vehicle is prepared against harm from the road. We leverage our decades of experience on your behalf, ensuring the most exposed part of your vehicle is safe from wear and corrosion.

Additional Charges if interior needs thorough vacumming
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Be just as proud as your vehicles interior as the exterior with our leather and cloth fabric protection
Our technicians will carefully work our non-staining Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection into the fabric surfaces in your car or truck, thoroughly coating each individual fiber. Once applied, this compound seals your fabric and upholstery, keeping it safe from dirt, grease, and stains. Ziebart Interior Protection does all of this without altering the color, feel, or texture of the fabric. In fact, our fabric protection will help your fabric retain its vibrant appearance.
Ziebart Ultra Fabric Protection also makes cleaning up the "oops" and "uh-ohs" of life quick and effortless. Because our compound locks in the fibers of your vehicles fabric surfaces, the messes made by everyday life simply cannot penetrate and leave a lasting stain.
Since Ziebart Ultra Interior Protection is an invisible barrer coating your vehicle's interior fabric, it also improves its wearability.